Empowering social transformation to take India to the next generation

Aim for US$5 trillion
1 Economically, India is fast becoming the third largest market after the United States and China. That’s a big leap, considering that if we go back to 1980, when there was only a US$190 billion financial system at #13 in the world rankings. Coupled with one of the youngest populations and a burgeoning middle-class society, however, this race puts India’s high-octane growth through several challenges.

The Indian government has triggered scale development. And Hitachi, one of the world’s innovation leaders, providing future-proof technologies and next-generation people-centric, IT-centric solutions, is joining this transformation across the board.

Bharat Kaushal, Managing Director, Hitachi India ,
said, “The company is leading a phenomenal transformation towards future development. Hitachi’s world-renowned OT x IT computing solutions, data analytics, IoT-enabled interactive devices, artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics are changing lives. Hitachi’s partnership with the Indian government on initiatives such as “Make in India” and “Digital India” is accelerating a predominantly agrarian India’s entry into the IoT era, a leap that is essential to the emergence of the nation as a global production and economic power. Nevertheless, Hitachi’s global heritage and expertise in technological innovation has sparked a social revolution here.

Hitachi and a transformed India

Makeover mobility

Under the Smart Cities Mission, among key efficiency gains, India has focused on world-class urban mobility and public transport, as well as robust IT connectivity and digitalization. Hitachi Rail has played an important role in revamping and modernizing the transportation system to meet the increasing demands of city life, especially with the influx of rural/semi-rural masses to metropolitan cities. Like the development of a comprehensive mobility plan for Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities, enabling state-of-the-art trains with driverless operations and smart signaling with dynamic progression, facial recognition, people flow management, to only cite a few.

Setting the benchmark for IT and social innovation

Smart transaction is the next big thing. To financially empower a population of over 1.3 billion, the government, along with the country’s central bank, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), are working tirelessly to enable citizens across a vast and complex geographical expanse with a myriad of cultures where money and digital economies coexist.

Hitachi Payment Services Pvt. Ltd., a Hitachi Group company, has been at the forefront of partnership in this dream of making India financially inclusive. White-label ATMs under the Hitachi Money Spot brand, state-of-the-art point-of-sale solutions, state-of-the-art card acceptance and digital payment platforms, internet payment gateways, innovative solutions for public transport and electronic toll payment, etc. propelling India to progress.

Additionally, innovation in cash and digital payment solutions has made Hitachi Payment Services (HPY) one of the cornerstones of partnerships with government and private institutions. A key Joint Venture (JV) initiative illustrates this instantly. State Bank of India (SBI), the country’s largest commercial bank, and Hitachi Payment Services have entered into a joint venture (JV) to create a state-of-the-art card acceptance and digital payment platform ready for the ‘coming. The joint venture, SBI Payments, offers a comprehensive suite of payment options to customers and merchants by focusing on deploying a national infrastructure for card acceptance, quick response (QR) code acceptance, l payment interface (UPI), the transit industry and e-commerce businesses.

Fostering a Cohesive Future in Payments

From Digital India’s perspective and as a simple technology, it is ubiquitous. Moreover, in the case of India, from a governance perspective and as a self-sustaining entity, information technology has played a revolutionary role in positioning India as one of the leading nations.

Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic Pvt. Ltd harnesses IT, Operational Technology (OT), Internet of Things (IoT) and big data analytics to lead India into the future. Hitachi has partnered with government to simplify and make governance processes more efficient and the delivery of government services more efficient in various areas and to end users.

Take e-governance to the next level

Nothing can succeed without a modern government and its elegant delivery. The Government of India’s e-governance mission, coupled with Digital India, has undergone a paradigm shift, a new thinking on how it engages with its citizens and its interstate and intergovernmental functions. A vision of the future and of sustainable development has been considered. In this regard, Hitachi plays a key role through collaborative co-creation. Hitachi’s operations are strongly aligned with the government’s mission: to create three value propositions by enhancing the social, environmental and economic values ​​of citizens. Hitachi combines government, data, technology and governance as a force to accelerate e-governance initiatives and optimize decision-making.

“Top-down digital transformation has streamlined government operations, optimized costs, and created transparency for end users and citizens. Hitachi has played a key role in providing solutions for the provision of these services. We have spearheaded digital transformation for government. , its stakeholders, end users and citizens, thereby improving the quality of life of Indian citizens. »
says Bharat Kaushal, Managing Director, Hitachi India

Citizens at the epicenter of transformation

Transforming the life cycle of citizens through connected customer ecosystem solutions including e-governance in areas such as education, health, agriculture, etc. is the top priority of the Government of India . As part of a unique platform of people-centric solutions, Hitachi MGRM Net has partnered with government to this end and co-created connected solutions that improve the lifecycle of citizens and strengthen delivery to clients.

Drawing on more than 30 years of global human life cycle research, Hitachi MGRM Net sets the benchmark. It creates an array of holistic solutions on a platform that encompasses the entire life cycle of a citizen, from birth to end of journey. Hitachi MGRM Net brings comprehensiveness to citizens living in urban and rural areas, touching every point of life and its well-being.

Giving shape to a vision

Not only meeting the changing needs of society, but improving the quality of life and improving the social, environmental and economic values ​​of all its stakeholders for a sustainable future is Hitachi’s mission in India. And, he has been able to transform the way India plans and executes its vision of a smart nation with technology-driven government, citizen services, modern payment methods and a vibrant spirit of innovation. . A future with Indian citizens at the forefront of lifecycle transformation has just begun, and Hitachi is playing a vital role.

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