Geodesign Graduate Program Welcomes Urban Planning Expert to Faculty

Lavigne is co-founder of Houseal Lavigne Associates, a Chicago-based planning and design firm. The firm specializes in community planning, urban design and economic development, and uses creativity and collaboration to deliver quality solutions.

The award-winning firm has allowed Lavigne to lead more than 150 planning projects nationwide, and the firm has been recognized by the American Planning Association with the National Excellence Award. The projects received several awards in the categories of education, innovation, comprehensive planning, strategic planning and implementation.

In addition to Houseal Lavigne’s slew of awards, he was named to the American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP) College of Scholars for his innovation in urban planning. The AICP Fellow is one of the highest honors in the planning and design profession. Lavigne received this honor because of her leadership in community engagement, mentorship of young planners, innovative planning tools and solutions, and years of accolades for her innovative techniques.

In 2008, Lavigne launched a mapping tool called “”, which is a platform that encourages community engagement by allowing the public to comment on their thoughts and ideas on a dynamic community map. Lavigne has partnered with Esri, the world’s leading GIS software developer, to promote the tool that is now used by businesses nationwide. Lavigne was first invited to speak at the Esri Geodesign Summit in 2015, where he shared his company’s innovation and use of GIS, and is now an annual speaker at the summit.

Lavigne has taught GIS and urban planning to graduate and undergraduate students at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and the University of Chicago in Chicago. He also created Planning Prep, a free resource that offers study materials for the AICP exam.

Additionally, he is asking planners across the country to help them become AICP certified.

“Devin is going to be an exciting addition to our geodesign ranks with her vast experience in planning and design,” said Kelleann Foster, director of the online geodesign graduate program and professor of landscape architecture at Stuckeman. School. “He is nationally known and respected for his innovation in geodesign for planning in towns and cities.”

Lavigne attended Ryerson Polytechnic University where he earned a bachelor’s degree from the School of Urban and Regional Planning.