Ku Klux Climate: Coal, Petro-Palingenesia, and the Historical Materialism of Fossil Fascism

Image by Zbynek Burival.

We live in a dangerous time where an extreme right, more powerful than ever since 1945, is doing everything it can to accelerate the capitalist project to transform our planet into a giant greenhouse gas chamber. The last president of the United States, the “instinctive fascist” Donald Trump, believed that anthropogenic (really capital-causing) global warming was a hoax and did everything he could to end the limits on fossil fuel production. Brazil’s current president, demented pandemo-fascist Jar Bosonaro, has sadistically opened up the Amazon – the lungs of the planet – to enrich agribusiness profiteers. Far-right climate denier parties have invaded key energy and climate-related offices in Europe, from Sweden and Norway to Spain, Poland and Hungary. As the world tilts toward climate catastrophe, anti-immigrant parties that promote the uncontrolled extraction and burning of fossil fuels are springing up in the name of white supremacy and national regeneration. Even as the climate crisis begins to unravel civilization before our eyes, right-wing forces have surged in absurd and dangerous ways claiming to possess the so-called real solutions to the supposed real problems: closing European and American borders to ” saving the nation or nations’ from non-white immigrants and the elimination of indigenous tribes from rural Brazil.

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