Study English and Media Studies at NUI Galway

NUI Galway’s BA in English and Media Studies is an engaging arts degree that provides students with an enlightening approach to the study of literature and culture. This course includes the study of media studies and traditional English literature offerings.

It integrates the theoretical study of media from both critical and historical perspectives. Students taking this course will graduate with a ‘major’ in English, as well as a ‘minor’ in Media Studies and a ‘minor’ in another subject of their choice. For this third choice, students are offered a wide variety of subject options, including sociology and political science, philosophy, Spanish, and Italian.

This degree offers an in-depth and enriching study of English as a subject. Students taking this course will examine all forms of creative expression: novels, films, plays, art, and poetry. In this degree, students study a wide range of traditional English literature modules, including epic poems written in Middle English, modern feminist plays and gothic novels. The ways in which social concerns are communicated through literature are also examined in this course.

The Media Studies aspect of this degree is particularly interesting. This subject aims to provide students with transferable communication skills as well as critical thinking skills that will prepare them for success in the job market. This course offers a complex analysis of media, past and present, focusing on issues such as identity and representation.

Examining the representation of social and political issues through the media is, in particular, an engaging area of ​​study that this course offers. In the digital age, it is imperative to have developed analytical skills to be able to critically navigate an increasingly pervasive media landscape.

This is a four-year undergraduate course that offers the possibility of an internship or study abroad. These opportunities are aimed at enabling students to become independent learners. If students are unable to secure an internship, they have the option of completing a research project to earn the required number of credits for the semester. An entire semester is devoted to the internship in the third year of this course.

An invaluable experience

This internship offers students an invaluable opportunity to gain practical experience in the professional field, in a field that they are passionate about. Since students can complete their internship without the added pressure of studies, they have the opportunity to devote ample time and energy to exploring a professional environment in a field of their choice.

Students who choose a language as their second ‘minor’ choose the study abroad option in the third year. This is a very exciting opportunity for students to develop their understanding of the language of their choice. Thanks to the Erasmus exchange program, students can take courses such as fashion journalism in the language of their choice at a foreign university. Studying abroad is undoubtedly a memorable and beneficial opportunity for students to travel, gain invaluable experience and broaden their horizons.

Students graduating with a BA in English and Media Studies will be qualified to teach English at post-primary level in accordance with Education Council requirements. In addition, this course enables the development of valuable research skills that equip students with a solid foundation for further educational opportunities nationally and internationally.

In fact, several Masters programs provide pathways for graduates of this degree to continue their studies at postgraduate level at NUI Galway. Moreover, with this fascinating combination of subjects, this course is a suitable option for those wishing to pursue a career in journalism, writing and editing.

Overall, the BA in English and Media Studies is a beneficial choice for those looking for a fulfilling and complex degree in the discipline of English. Additionally, due to the integration of media studies into this degree, this course is an excellent choice for those who want to learn essential skills that will help them thrive in the communications market.