Women estate agents and experts can lead India’s urban planning revolution: housing secretary

NAREDCO MAHI, the women’s wing of the apex body of real estate developers, aims to increase women’s participation in leadership positions by at least 10% each year. He is also targeting a 10% growth rate at the junior, middle and senior management levels.

Moreover, in addition to emphasizing greater gender parity in management, NAREDCO MAHI plans to go further in terms of supporting pink collar workers in real estate, largely including blue-collar workers.

At NAREDCO MAHI’s first convention, themed “Realty Women” – The Transforming Catalyst to Real Estate, the newly formed body said it plans to upskill at least 1,000 women each year and improve the annual addition to the skilled labor base in times to come. .

The convention aimed to highlight the contributions of women in real estate and lay out a roadmap for the industry to restructure itself to become a more inclusive and empathetic entity.

Union Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs (MoHUA) Secretary Manoj Joshi said on Friday that women stakeholders in India’s real estate sector, including developers and urban planners, can play a major role in realizing urban planning across the country.

“We need more and more capacity for urban planning. This is an area where women have more opportunities. Although the focus is on roads, hospitals and other physical infrastructure, the aspect planning is very less,” he said.

He asked the industry to also focus on environment, water and transport aspects in urban planning. Talking about the evolution of the industry, he said that stamp duties have come down and underlined the need for further lowering of duties.

Observing that lower levies, including stamp duties, make businesses fairer, he said: “On the government side, our effort is to frame policies in such a way that there are fewer and fewer chance of doing bad business.

Gautam Chatterjee, Founding Chairman of MahaRERA was of the opinion that although there is a lower representation of women in the management of real estate companies, the sector is not dominated by men.

“Several surveys suggest that companies with a higher percentage of women in leadership positions perform better. He also highlighted the need for faster adoption of technology in the real estate space,” he said. declared.

Tara Subramaniam, Founding President of NAREDCO MAHI, said that over the years we have seen women occupy key leadership positions in several sectors.

“Real estate, however, has largely been a male-dominated sector. With MAHI, we are trying to bridge this gender divide, we can bring about vast change by developing skills and imparting sector-specific knowledge. to women across the country,” she said.

Stakeholders insisted that female real estate agents and companies in India’s infrastructure and real estate sector can lead the transition of the sector as it moves towards a more technology-driven and sustainable segment.

“As the saying goes ‘if you educate a man, you educate an individual, but a woman, you educate a nation’, a similar impact would be seen through the trickle down effect of training and empowering women, as this in turn would support this evolution of the real estate sector while stimulating economic growth,” said NAREDCO MAHI Founding Chairman-Elect, Ananta S Raghuvanshi.

Speaking about problems faced by developers due to disputes before several authorities and courts, NAREDCO Chairman, Rajan Bandelkar said that property regulators should be given more power to intervene in case of irregularities. He also assured that NAREDCO would coordinate with state RERAs to address and resolve the issues.