Architecture and Urbanism YouTubers Deserve a “Like and a Sub” | Characteristics

Photo by Lê Minh from Pexels

A new generation of content creators is at the forefront of designing and producing some of the most consumed forms of media today. People on various internet platforms i.e. YouTube, TikTok and Instagram are telling their stories on an unlimited range of topics.

While not generating the same astronomical following as some of the medium’s biggest stars, there is a large community of creators whose work centers on the built environment, spanning architecture, design, urban planning and the subjects of construction. Through a wide range of perspectives and means of communicating information, their content serves as a resource for students, professionals, and enthusiasts while making these topics more accessible to a wider audience.

For this particular showcase, we’re focusing on YouTube and its most exciting creators in this niche. While there are plenty of notable genre-specific channels on this platform, here’s our pick of fun, informative, and engaging channels (and their creators) for you to check out.

Videos about architecture and the skills we learn

Eric Reinholdt: 30X40 design workshop

“Sketch Like an Architect (Techniques + Tips from a Real Project)” — Video by 30X40 Design Workshop

Why we are fans: 30X40 design workshop is led by award-winning architect Eric Reinholdt. He also operates his own firm of the same name based in Maine. Reinholdt’s videos focus on the process of making architecture, emphasizing his specialization in designing simple, modern homes. He creates architecture tutorials, portfolio and design advice for students and professionals, short courses, sketching and drawing workshops as well as product and book reviews.

Cliff Tan: Expensive modern

“Feng Shui makes sense! The basis of planning your home for comfort and practicality.” — Video by Dear Modern

Why we are fans: Cliff Tan and his easy-to-watch videos mix a bit of humor and notes on architecture and feng shui-inspired design decisions. He is a London-based architect specializing in space planning and optimization. He became very popular during the pandemic when his videos on TikTok and Instagram went viral. He is best known for evaluating “difficult floor plans” and arranging furniture according to space to be more functional by following feng shui principles. The catchy and informative nature of his content makes his videos hard to put down and will make you feel more capable of organizing your own space.


“What happens when an architect sees the movie ‘Parasite’.” — Video by MonsterKook

Why we are fans: MonsterKook is all about making models using a range of materials, including wood, concrete, cardboard, metalworking, and more. The creator’s complex models of houses and even a bridge also include electrical systems. In the video above, the author creates a model of the famous house featured in the movie Parasite.

Videos for students by students

Ray Liu: RayARCH

“What Architecture Students Are Saying” — Video by RayArch

Why we are fans: RayARCH is a channel that focuses on advising students of architecture schools. It is run by Ray Liu, a writer with a background in architectural design. The channel offers various series, including one where he confirms or debunks certain rumors about the school of architecture, a series of sketchbooks, a series where Liu criticizes architecture work submitted by students, and one where he reacts to Architectural SummaryThe “Open Door” videos of. RayARCH also includes a fun parody of what architecture students look like when presenting or doing pin-ups.

Sadiyah Sabree: Quesadiyah

“Questions and Answers on Urban Planning: Graduate Studies, Careers and Tips for Aspiring Planners” — Video by Quesadiyah

Why we are fans: Quesadiyah is led by Philadelphia city planner Sadiyah Sabree. She makes videos about her experience studying and practicing urban planning, travel and lifestyle. Sadiyah studied Urban Studies at Columbia University before earning her Masters in Community and Regional Planning at the London School of Economics and Political Science. Her videos serve as helpful guides for aspiring planners, as she offers advice on how to navigate the process of pursuing city planning.

Jenae Edwards: NAEDAY


Why we are fans: With NAEDAY, Jenae Edwards offers insight into her life as a second-year architecture student. She is currently enrolled at the University of the Bahamas after transferring from the University of Southern California. Through a vlog format, viewers join Jenae as she tackles her studies, from all-night studio sessions to preparing architectural critiques. She also shares her experience of applying to architecture school, which comes with her accepted art portfolio.

Cities and Urban Planning Videos

Jason Slaughter: Not just bikes

“Throwing Good Money After Bad Car Infrastructure – Wonderland Road” — Video by Not Just Bikes

Why we are fans: Jason Slaughter Not just bikes features content focused on urban planning and city design. Based in Amsterdam, many of his videos focus on urban life in the Netherlands, highlighting why, for him, Dutch cities are more liveable than many others around the world and what can be said about it. to learn. Additionally, many of his videos feature scathing critiques of the North American suburb, expressing his disdain for car-centric urban design. It also has a second channel called NJB live, where he broadcasts live walks and bike rides through Amsterdam.

Justin Roczniak: Don’tnote01

« Cities: Skylines | Power, politics and planning: episode 2: urban highways” — Video by Donoteat01

Why we are fans: Don’tnote01 uses the city building video game Cities: Skylines to create a realistic illustration of how cities are created, function and change. Directed by Justin Roczniak, the channel examines the historical and political implications of the development of American cities. His channel’s main series revolves around a fictional town named Franklin that Rocziak slowly expands from a pre-colonial era as a Native American settlement to a town in the early American republic. He also has a parallel series titled “Power, Politics, & Planning” which addresses urban planning issues, such as the creation of urban freeways and gentrification.

David Amos: City Beautiful

“A Brief History of American Urban Planning” — Video by City Beautiful

Why we are fans: City Beautiful is a YouTube channel run by Dave Amos, Assistant Professor of Urban Planning at California Polytechnic State University. Its platform offers educational videos that revolve around cities and urban planning. Amos covers a range of topics, including transport, land use planning and urban planning, in various contexts and time periods. He also occasionally plays planning-related video games, such as SimCity 2000, Minecraft, and Cities: Skylines.

Ah urbanity!

“Five Dense ‘Missing Middle’ Neighborhoods in Montreal” — Video by Oh The Urbanity!

Why we are fans: Ah urbanity! is led by a pair of researchers based in Ottawa, Ontario. Their channel explores urban life in Canada, with videos highlighting cities like Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver. Many of their videos cycle through these environments. As stated in their channel’s description, they have “a particular interest in making cities more accessible on foot, by bike, and easier and safer to get around.” Active transportation and transit planning are central to their content.