Dr. Chung resigns as head of journalism and media studies department

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Marjorie Miller, the Pulitzer Prizes administrator, hopes to use her platform to further educate the public about journalism, highlight winners and present their work in a way that enhances public understanding. “In addition to honoring some of the best journalists in the country this year, I want to ask journalists to help in this mission to show the public how it’s done, how they do their job, what role it plays – especially in local journalism but also national journalism.”

The hardest thing about being a sales leader is your ability to grow sales exponentially. Like most leaders, the constant need for innovation to drive revenue can be complex and sometimes difficult to manage. Here are four strategies you can implement today to accelerate your sales into the fourth quarter and beyond.

The industry is approaching a pivotal year (2026) when digital newspaper advertising revenue will exceed print newspaper advertising revenue, according to the latest Global Entertainment & Media Outlook report from PricewaterhouseCoopers. And, frequency trends for printing are moving away from the full seven-day print delivery. Editor & Publisher recently spoke with Kevin Rehberg, Vice President of Client Development at the Alliance for Audited Media, to see what AAM is doing in the changing market.

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