The research in our department reflects the diversity of areas of expertise and interest of our faculty and students. Recent faculty projects and publications have covered topics such as global art cinema, feminist approaches to silent film history, and the history of production design in Hollywood. His recent dissertations have included studies on the history of animation in Eastern Europe, queer perspectives in contemporary East Asian cinemas, and transnational heritage films. Our faculty includes the editors of two international journals: Feminist Media Stories and Chinese Cinema Journal.

Recent books published by our faculty (in alphabetical order of author, since 2015) include: José Alaniz, Uncanny Bodies: Superhero Comics and Disability (Penn State, 2019); Eric Ames, Aguirre, The Wrath of God (IBF, 2016); Mikkel Borch-Jacobsen, Learn to philosophize with Freud (Ellipses, 2018), The truth about drugs (Pocket, 2018), and Sigmund Freud, Hypnosis (Editions L’Iconoclaste, 2015); Anthony Geist, ed. and transit, Poética sin fronteras: Los pasos al norte son peregrinos pasos / Poetics without borders: the steps towards the north are the steps of pilgrims (Valparaíso, 2020), ed., Cartographies of Madrid: contestation of urban space at the crossroads of South and North (Vanderbilt, 2019), and trans., The School of Solitude: A Collection of Poems by Luis Hernández (Swan Island, 2015); Sudhir Mahadevan, A very old machine: the many origins of cinema in India, 1840-1930, ed. Indian. (Permanent Black, 2018); Naomi Sokoloff, ed., Since 1948: Israeli literature in the making (SUNY, 2020) and ed., What are we talking about when we talk about Hebrew (Washington, 2018); James Tweedie, Moving images, still lifes: cinema, new media and the end of the 20th century (Oxford, 2018); and Shawn Wong, ed., Aiiieeee! An Anthology of Asian American Writersthird edition (Washington, 2019).

Fellowship Areas

  • Film and Media Studies
  • History and theory of feminist cinema
  • history of technology
  • Race and media
  • Television studies
  • visual culture
  • world literature
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