film: “New Tamil films are political tools for social transformation” | Thiruvananthapuram News

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Tamil director Vetrimaran said here on Tuesday that new wave cinemas in the Tamil industry are political weapons for social upliftment. “Tamil cinema promotes the principles of Dravidian politics and new films reinforce the ideals of Dravidian politics. Social realities and political circumstances provide themes for such films,” Vetrimaran said at a workshop here held as part of IFFK.
In the meantime, the audience survey for the 26th edition of the IFFK will begin on Thursday. Delegates can vote for their favorite films screened in the international competition category by one of three methods: SMS, mobile app and via the IFFK website. To vote by SMS, delegates can use the following format – ‘IFFK MOVIE CODE’ and can be sent to 56070.
The 14 films in the International Competition category are: 1- Anatolian Leopard (film code: IC001), 2- Camila Comes Out Tonight (film code: IC002), 3- Captain Volkonogov Escaped (film code: IC003), 4- Clara Sola (movie code: IC004), 5- Costa Brava, Lebanon (movie code: IC005), 6- Forbidden (movie code: IC006), 7- I’m Not The River Jhelum (movie code: IC007), 8- Let it be Morning (movie code: IC008), 9- Murina (movie code: IC009), 10- Pebbles (movie code: IC010), 11- Sughra and Her Sons (movie code: IC011), 12- The Arbit Documentation of an Amphibian Hunt (movie code: IC012), 13- You Look Like Me (movie code: IC013) and 14- Yuni (movie code: IC014).