KTR emphasizes bold urban planning reforms

Posted: Posted Date – 8:14 PM, Mon – Sep 5, 22

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Hyderabad: Stressing the need for bold reforms in urban planning and governance, MAUD Minister KT Rama Rao urged the central government to inject capital into such initiatives and plan things accordingly.

The Minister also wanted a change of mentality and approach. “We need bold reforms in urban planning and governance. Stay away from the conservative mindset and radical things. Clean roads, clean water, clean air, and better stormwater management systems aren’t hard to build. We need a capital injection: urge Housing and Urban Affairs Minister Hardeep Singh PuriJi to plan this and happy to help,” KT Rama Rao posted on Twitter on Monday.

His comment came following heavy rains that submerged several areas of Bangalore and critical comments about Bangalore’s infrastructure on social media. He emphasized nation building and demonstrating the power of collective will. “I am aware that some friends in Hyderabad will not like what I have said because in the past we have been mocked by some leaders in Bengaluru in similar situations. But if we are to grow as a nation, we must learn from each other’s experiences and show the power of collective will,” the minister said in his tweet.

He further tweeted, “To all who laugh at waterlogged Bengaluru: our cities are our main economic engines driving the growth of states or country. With rapid urbanization and suburbanization, the infrastructure is doomed to collapse because we have not injected enough capital to modernize it. »