Launch of “Research for transformation and social progress”

Islamabad: In October 2020, the Pakistan Institute of Development Economics (PIDE) launched a multi-year competitive grant program for policy-oriented research in Pakistan titled “Research for Social Transformation and Advancement” (RASTA) . The program aims to develop local communities of thought and establish a research network of universities and think tanks across Pakistan producing high quality, evidence-based policy research to inform Pakistan’s public policy process .

Speaking to a group of journalists, renowned economist and Vice Chancellor of PIDE, Dr. Nadeem ul Haque, said that one of the aims of RASTA is to put the Pakistani researcher to serious work on the economy and key public policy issues to accelerate our economic growth and development, improve our society and fulfill Pakistan’s promise.

Dr Nadeem said that for too long public policymaking in Pakistan has abandoned thought leadership to donors. It is high time to conduct meaningful research, inform decision-making and help formulate Indigenous policies instead of relying on the advice of inferior donors. RASTA offers the opportunity to bridge the gap between research and policy by providing answers and evidence that can help improve the political and policy-making process in Pakistan.