LG Manoj Sinha presents the Chetna Awards for his contributions to social transformation

Jammu and Kashmir’s Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha said on Sunday that there was a need to ensure that the benefits of growth and development were equitably distributed among all sections of society, especially the most vulnerable. poor of the poor.

He made the remarks during a ceremony in Delhi to confer the Chetna Awards-2022 to honor the contribution of changemakers in social transformation, according to an official statement posted here.

He congratulated all the recipients for their exemplary commitment and dedication to selfless service. ”It has been an honor and a privilege to congratulate the best and most deserving change makers in India. All these men and women devoted to constructive social work are the true heroes of national development. They form the backbone of our social sector and truly inspire others, especially the younger generation, to participate in the selfless service of society,” he said.

Sinha stressed the need to strengthen the interface between the administration and the volunteer citizen group for effective service delivery and to pay particular attention to social sector priorities such as the environment, women’s empowerment, tribal welfare and care for the elderly and disabled.

“Selfless service holds the key to our future. In our quest for nation building, we must ensure that the benefits of growth are equitably distributed among all sections of society, especially the poorest of the poor,” said Lieutenant Governor .

On the occasion, Sinha presented awards to 32 changemakers for rendering their continuous selfless services to society.

He also published a coffee table book, titled “Chetna Heroes-Spreading Goodness”, and made a special mention of Nazia Hurra, a resident of Bandipora in Jammu and Kashmir who works for the welfare of disabled children and people belonging to the poor and marginal strata of society.

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