Pakistan must learn urban planning from China: PM

The premier said China has the knowledge, expertise, skills and know-how and has long solved the expansion of cities from horizontal expansion to vertical development.

Pakistan, he said, was lagging behind in this particular sector and our experts needed to learn that from them (their Chinese counterparts).

China has shifted to vertical development and preserved its land for food development, he said.

The prime minister said he was due to visit China next week, adding “however, the trip is tentative at this time and subject to the COVID-19 situation.”

The Prime Minister said the trip, if it took place, would also focus on town planning.

Earlier, the prime minister launched the Pak-China Business Investment Forum, which government officials said aims to enhance information exchange and promote communication between businesses of the two countries, opening up new avenues. of cooperation.

The forum is made up of 18 Chinese companies and 19 Pakistani companies and its objective is to promote sustainable investment, export industry and the development of modern technology in Pakistan.

The forum was formed with the collaboration of Board of Investment (BoI) Pakistan and All Pakistan Chinese Enterprises.

The Prime Minister welcomed the initiative and hoped it would help promote an environment conducive to business and investment.

In order to ensure sustainable development, we must increase exports. How can a country progress when it was not exporting, wondered the Prime Minister.

He said that a country cannot progress until it sells goods to the world.

The prime minister said he was often told by foreign investors that Pakistan does not offer them the facility to do business or invest.

“It takes a long time between an agreement and its implementation here, whereas time is money for investors. He will turn away if no action is taken for his facilitation.

The Prime Minister noted that the Board of Investment (BoI) had been tasked with resolving the issue.

We have taken a number of steps to eliminate this cumbersome process in Pakistan, he said.