PM Modi calls Kovind a ‘champion of social transformation’ in letter

Ram Nath Kovind, who retired on Monday after Draupadi Murmu has taken over as India’s new presidenthas been a “steadfast and passionate champion for social transformation and inclusion, speaking on behalf of the poor, the historically excluded and oppressed, the marginalized with particular attention to the status and role of women”, said the Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

In a letter sent on the eve of Kovind’s departure from Rashtrapati Bhavan, Modi said the first’s ‘remarkable personal journey from a small village in the heart of our country to Rashtrapati Bhavan’ was a ‘parable’ for evolution and development of the country and “an inspiration” for society.

Prime Minister Modi fondly recalled how Kovind visited his mother in Gujarat and discussed several issues. “You have always been generous with your time and advice over the past five years,” Modi said, adding that he would continue to look to him for advice.

“I have always been deeply touched by your humility, grace and generosity,” the prime minister said, recalling how Kovind donated his family residence to help the poor and marginalized in society. “Your special gesture of coming to receive me at the heliport will forever be etched in my memory,” Prime Minister Modi wrote in his letter.

Modi said his interaction with Kovind went “beyond the presidency”. Recalling that he saw the former president toil among the people during his political career, Modi said that with his actions, speeches and speeches, Kovind represented and carried the best of India to every corner of the world. country and the world.

“The themes and issues you have prioritized – civic duty to give back to society, commitment to India which is a confluence of our ancient heritage and modern science, and sustained social change driven by increased and expanded access to education, especially for girls – has been well thought out and meaningful,” Prime Minister Modi wrote in his letter.

He said that Kovind, being the country’s first citizen, had been unwavering in his compassion and concern for the welfare of the weakest citizen. “Even when you rose to our country’s highest office, you remained firmly and proudly rooted in its soil and connected with the people – happy in their company, sensitive to their problems, insightful about their expectations and acutely aware of change. necessary,” Modi added.