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Sydney, May 31, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Sydney, New South Wales –

Well over half of the world’s population will call a city home by 2050[1]but whether these cities are both livable and resilient will largely depend on the technical and creative skills brought to the challenge by today’s emerging experts in urban planning and urban design.

For cities and towns to continue to grow, many of the key decisions needed to successfully respond to change are happening right now, showing the demand for more skilled professionals in this field.

The online Master in Urbanism is aimed at candidates from a non-urban planning field, the multidisciplinary learning allowing professionals to change careers. It is also ideal for professionals who want to strengthen their current skills by engaging in up-to-date and groundbreaking planning approaches.

Professor Heather MacDonald, a planning scholar and associate dean of UTS’s Faculty of Design, Architecture and Construction, believes that the ability to negotiate solutions among many competing stakeholders (neighbours, environmental advocates environment, real estate developers and local businesses) and to invent new solutions to complex conflicts is one of the main skills that planners need.

“Planners need to be able to gather and analyze different kinds of evidence to weigh the outcomes of alternative decisions and support better-informed public debate,” she said.

UTS Online helps students find practical approaches to urban planning in many different fields. Students in the university’s online course also learn to apply their analytical skills to determine constraints and opportunities, thereby improving their ability to plan strategically.

Many industries are adopting sustainable practices. This is why universities like UTS, one of Australia’s leading online institutions, are seeing their Masters in Urban Planning Online Course as the best way to prepare professionals for the future. Students learn to apply sustainable planning practices to various projects. The course also encourages original thinking to find solutions to unconventional problems.

While many other universities offer postgraduate degrees in planning, UTS’s approach to the subject is what sets it apart. UTS online Master in Urbanism is designed for professionals who want to actively develop their skills and knowledge to become effective planners and create sustainable urban environments. Students learn to navigate real-life opportunities while understanding the importance of cultural, economic, and political contexts when planning for communities.

The course is delivered 100% online and explores various aspects of urban development – ​​including social sustainability, the environment and legislation – to help achieve the best possible outcome.

“We have students from many professional backgrounds studying the Master in Urban Planning – from teachers to project managers and field officers. Either way, the objective of the course is to ensure that our students effectively master what is needed to become effective planners,” said a UTS Online representative.

“The course comprises 15 subjects and can be completed in as little as two and a half years. Most of our students are working professionals, some with families and full-time jobs, so we encourage them to study at their own pace. After all, the goal is to ensure that our students are knowledgeable about the subject,” the UTS Online representative added.

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UTS is currently ranked among the best young universities in Australia. He is ranked number 11 in the world. Its courses are designed to ensure that students receive the best education possible. The online Master in Urban Planning and other courses are all delivered through an interactive and innovative platform for students to learn at their own pace. However, all students receive the necessary support to ensure that they develop the required skills by the end of the course.


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